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Life Insurance – What’s Your Excuse?

The majority of people could benefit from a having a life insurance policy, but still choose not to.

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In this article we’re going to look at some of the more common excuses that people give for not having life insurance, and why perhaps they should reconsider their reasons.

1) “Life Insurance is too expensive…”

This is possibly one of biggest reasons many people avoid looking into a life insurance policy. The irony of course, is that life insurance isn’t actually all that expensive.

Obviously this is dependent on a number of difference factors, from your age to your current state of health, whether or not you smoke to how much coverage you’d like.

However, for someone who’s in reasonably good health and doesn’t smoke, they can benefit from as much as over £37,000 life insurance cover for the price of four takeaway coffees a month. Is that really too high of a price to pay for yours and your family’s peace of mind?

2) “I’m young and healthy”

You may be young and in good health now, but who knows what awaits you two, five or even ten years from now?
There’s no way for any of us to know what the future holds, but with life insurance you can know that if the unexpected was to happen, you or your family would be protected financially. It is especially important for anyone who may have others relying on them financially, for example, children, a spouse or a parent.

3) “I’m too busy”

Sometimes in the busyness of life – work, holidays, family – important items on your to-do list, such as life insurance, can slip from your priorities. But once again, it’s vital to remember that nobody knows what’s around the corner and if there are people who are depending on you, it’s important to have a form of insurance in place for their protection.

4) “I don’t understand the process”

With such a variety of options now available for life insurance, is it surprising that so many people feel daunted by the process? And then choose to forgo insurance altogether?

Choosing the right insurance for your unique situation and needs can be intimidating. So one solution would be to seek the advice of an experienced insurance broker, who should be able to match the best possible policy to you and lead you through the process.

5) “I have bigger financial priorities”

Unsurprisingly, many people would rather use their money towards eating out, shopping or cash towards a holiday than pay for a life insurance policy. However, paying for life insurance need not be a sacrifice. After all, not only is it much cheaper than many people originally believe, but you’re paying to better protect your future and your finances.

6) “I’d rather not think about death”

Unfortunately, some people find it depressing to think about life insurance, as simply put – it makes them think about dying and death. There’s no easy way around this, life insurance does bring up the subject of mortality, which can be tough for a lot of people.

A more productive way to channel your thoughts would be to consider what it would mean for your spouse, children or loved ones if you were to die without life insurance. What financial situation would you be leaving them in? Would they suffer from any financial pressures?
Thinking about what life insurance could do to better protect the people you love will always counter any worry or discomfort that the thought of life insurance can cause you.

What’s stopping you from getting a life insurance policy? For professional advice and support to protect you and your family, contact Amber Mortgage Solutions today. You can call us on 01702 619221 or contact us online.