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First Meeting with Your Mortgage Broker? Here’s What You’ll Need

You’ve found your perfect property and have decided to contact a professional mortgage broker, to find yourself the best mortgage deal out there.

Now you’re booked in for your initial appointment.

How should you prepare?

What to Expect

At your first meeting, your friendly mortgage advisor will be looking to gain a better understanding of your current financial situation and personal circumstances. From some careful budget planning your advisor will help you to arrive at a monthly repayment that is affordable. Getting this information will help your broker to find the most beneficial mortgage deals for you.

To help your advisor answer any questions about your circumstances, you’ll be expected to provide a variety of documentation as proof of your finances. However, your appointment doesn’t necessarily have to be all about you. This initial meeting can also provide a chance for you to ask your mortgage broker your own set of questions. Anything you want to ask – from how the mortgage application process works to when you will make your first repayment – make a list of what you’d like to know and take care to check them off throughout the meeting.

Don’t Forget To Bring These…

Your new mortgage advisor should let you know well in advance what documentation and information you’ll need to bring with you for your first meeting together. If not, then there’s no harm in ringing ahead or sending an email, just to ask.

Typically, for your first meeting you should aim to provide the following:

– Payslips (last three months), as verification of your income.

– Your most recent P60.

– A drivers licence and/or passport, as proof of your identity.

– Proof of your address.

– Bank statements (the last three months)

– A note of any debts, such as credit cards loans or ITP agreements

Try to keep all of this information organised and together in one place. Ideally, try to take a look through all of your paperwork beforehand, to give yourself an improved understanding of your own finances.

Preparing for Success

As mortgage brokers, a big part of our job is to ensure that your mortgage paperwork is complete and organised to help make the home buying process as smooth as possible.

By ensuring that you have everything you need ready to find the best mortgage deal out there, you’ll be helping yourself to move into your dream property sooner rather than later.

Are you ready to take the first step in securing your new home? Arrange your first appointment with us today. You can call us on 01702 619221 or contact us online.