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Bridging Rates at All Time Low

The cost of bridging loans have been reducing over the last 5 years. Rates now start from 0.49% pm and therefore they are no longer seen as a lender of last resort. Also their use has changed from just the traditional chain breaking bridging loan. Bridging loans are mainly used ...Read more >>

Don’t Throw It All Away! Record Keeping For Landlords

Lindsey Wicks, Property Tax Insider, May 2017 The records of a property business will not just relate to income and expenditure; the business will need to consider other taxes such as capital gains, stamp duty land tax (SOLT), and the annual tax on enveloped dwellings (ATED). Landlords that are VAT ...Read more >>

3 Essential Steps to Becoming a Successful Buy-To-Let Investor

Making money as a landlord is easy, right? Not necessarily. Unfortunately, investing in buy-to-let properties is more than buying a property, finding some tenants and sitting back to watch the rent roll in. However, whilst it can be far from simple, making money as a buy-to-let investor is possible, especially ...Read more >>

Remortgaging what steps are involved?

It is much simpler to remortgage than buying your first home or moving home. The Deeds to the property are registered to you already, so the solicitors do not need to transfer deeds do the searches that are involved with a new purchase. There are two main options when it ...Read more >>

Case study – Bad credit mortgages

Jenna Clements is 29 years old and a Marketing Executive working in London, who recently managed to take her first step onto the property ladder, even though she has a history of bad credit. A few years ago Jenna went on an over due holiday to Thailand. She financed the ...Read more >>

EXPOSED: The Real Costs of Buying a Home

Looking to buy your first home? Then like the majority of house-hunters, your biggest concern is probably whether or not you have the correct funds to go ahead. Whilst you may have already saved for a deposit, have you considered the additional costs that can accumulate during the purchasing process? ...Read more >>

Landlords – Have Your Prepared Your Property for Rental?

You’ve done your homework and bought your investment property in an up-and-coming area, with good transport links and local amenities. Now comes your next important task – preparing the property to be let. How you decorate and prepare a buy-to-let property can mean the difference between well-paying tenants and no ...Read more >>

Amber Mortgage Solutions – Supporting Local Business

Thinking of stepping out and starting you own business. We interviewed Natasha from Outhouse Salon, who told us how she started and her experiences so far. And for those of you thinking about starting your own business this article might give you a little inspiration.   Outhouse Salon My name ...Read more >>

5 Rules to Remember When Buying Property at Auction

Whilst more experienced property investors may be familiar with the tips and tricks of buying property at auction, if this is your first time (or you're even a first time buyer!), you may not know what to expect. So, before you put your hand up in the auction room, read ...Read more >>

Contractors Mortgages – Here are three things you need to know about getting a mortgage!

More than ever, workers are choosing to shun the constraints of a 9 to 5 job and instead, seek the freedom of running their own business. Whilst there are many benefits to being self-employed, some people are still concerned about what this could mean for getting a mortgage. But how ...Read more >>

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