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About The Loan

Everything you need to know about securing a Bridging Loan

What are Bridging Loans?

At Amber Solutions we understand that in the fast paced worlds of business and property there is a need for strategic lending solutions, one such solution is a bridging loan. Mainstream lenders can often take a long time to approve loans and bridging loans offer a viable and speedy alternative.

Bridging Loan
A Bridging Loan can be used to purchase land or build a property development. Call our specialist Bridging Loan specialists to on 01702 619 221

Bridging loans are usually a short term funding solution used to complete a quick purchase or refinance an existing asset. It is used to ‘bridge’ the gap between a debt due and a credit owed. Amber Mortgage Solutions understands that the need for fast turnarounds is essential and our specialist team can utilise their network of lenders to find you the best deal.

Typical Examples of a Bridging or Development Loan would be to:

  • Complete a chain and move prior to the sale of a current property
  • A loan to purchase at Auction
  • Or funds to purchase land or property that requires development

Who are Bridging Loans aimed at?

At Amber Mortgage Solutions we understand that every applicants needs and circumstances differ, and we use our experience to tailor your application to ensure that it reaches the most suitable lender for your needs. We work with our applicants and lenders to ensure both parties have peace of mind and the best deals can be made.

Bridging Loan
Looking to move prior to the sale of a current property, then a Bridging Loan may be right for you. Call our specialist Bridging Loan specialists to on 01702 619 221

We can help you secure the right Bridging or Development Finance for your specific needs. The rate and type of loan offered will depend on a number of different factors such as your exit strategy, experience of previous projects and if applicable, the type of development planned.

We will work with you to demonstrate to the chosen lender a clear exit strategy which could range from the sale of a property or properties to a remortgage onto a more traditional term loan.

How much can I borrow?

Bridging Loan
Looking everywhere for the best Bridging Loan and rates, then speak to our specialist Bridging Loan specialists today on 01702 619 221.

Typically, gross loans are available to a maximum of 75% of the value of the subject property. However, if there is additional security available, it is possible to fund 100% of the purchase price.

As an example: If the property to be purchased is worth £200,000, the maximum gross loan available will be £150,000 minus the retained interest and fees. The loan will often be for a term of between 1 – 24 months, however, the borrower may be able to repay the loan early without an early repayment charge. This will be dependent on the agreed terms.

Secured Bridging Loans

When considering a bridging loan a lender will usually require collateral in the form of property, the loans for one property can be secured against the collateral of combined properties. The lender will secure the loan by taking a charge against the property, most likely in the form of a first or second charge. There are alternative collateral types that will be considered, however, residential property is the most common and preferred type for lenders.

Bridging Loan rates

The Bridging Loan rate offered will be determined by the lender on the following circumstances:

  • The type of loan (open or closed)
  • Loan-to-Value
  • Size of loan required
  • And the applicants circumstances and collateral available

Our expert bridging loan team can help guide you through the whole application process and ensure that the we find the best finance rates available.

Frequently asked questions

We have complied below a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you to your next bridging loan;

If you need further information, please call our friendly team of bridging loan experts on 01702 619 221 who can guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Why choose Amber Mortgage Solutions to secure your next Bridging Loan?

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Amber Mortgage Solutions will ensure that you have a dedicated specialist assigned to your application, they will help explain the details of the loan and assist you with your application every step of the way. The will ensure that you understand the terms of the loan being offered and are aware of all fees incurred.

If you are interested in applying for a bridging loan or wish to discuss the services Amber Mortgage Solutions offer then call us today on 01702 619 221.

How We Work

  • To start with please either call us or complete the above application form
  • One of our specialist commericial finance consultants will be in touch with you to discuss your application
  • After we have your details, we will approach our lenders for the best schemes to suit you
  • We will then talk you through the details of your finance deal
  • 100% Secure, Confidential and hassle free.

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Quick FAQs

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For the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, below.

The world of commercial finance can be confusing at times, with different types of loans available it can be difficult to know which solution is best for you. Amber Mortgage Solutions will take the time to understand your needs and circumstances to offer accurate and impartial advice on the best option available to you.
Basically, the difference comes down to the exit strategy for the borrower to repay the loan. If there is a clear exit strategy, such as selling of property, then the bridging loan will be classified as closed. If not, then it will be classified as open.
Bridging loans generally last for between 1-18 months with the average being around 12 months.
It is a short term solution to ‘bridge’ gaps in finance between debt due and credit owed.
There are many reasons to use bridging loans; it may be to finance an auction property purchase or a property development project. Amber Mortgage Solutions are happy to discuss your circumstances to see if a bridging loan may be applicable to you.
This will depend on each individual financial situation and also the value of any security offered as collateral for the loan. The minimum amount for bridging loans are usually around £10,000.

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