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How to Sell Your Home – 8 Insider Tips

Thinking of putting your home on the market? Selling a property for the first time can be compared to the experience of a first-time buyer – daunting.

Thankfully, with the right advice, you can sell your home with confidence and for the best possible price. For a quick and stress-free sale.

We’ve put together these 8 expert tips on how to sell your property

  • Prepare Your Home for Viewings

    The very first step of selling your home is getting it in tip-top shape to be viewed by prospective buyers. Remember, first impressions need to be positive! Do everything you can to make your home clean and attractive to visitors. Whilst there’s no need to remove all signs of life from your home (you still want your property to feel ‘homely’), keep clutter to a minimum and don’t forget to keep the front view of your house clear – for that curb appeal!

    Preparing Your Home
  • Get Multiple Valuations

    As a rule of thumb, you should aim to ask at least three estate agents to value your property. Find out how they came to the amount they suggested, as well was what they’d do to get the best possible price from potential buyers.

    Multiple Valuations
  • Find a Reliable Agent

    Throughout this entire process, the estate agent you choose to go with will be one of your biggest assets. It will be your agent who will arrange viewings for your property and should be marketing your home to potential buyers. When deciding on the best agent for you, first find out the following – how much are their fees? How will they market your home to attract the most suitable buyers? Do they already have any buyers who might be interested in your home?

    Reliable Agent
  • …and a Conveyancer!

    Conveyancing may not be the most exciting part of the selling process, but it’s crucial that you have a trustworthy conveyancer on your side to take care of the legal aspects of moving house.

  • Keep on Top of your Paperwork

    Nobody enjoys taking care of the admin side of things. However, organise your paperwork properly and you’ll enjoy a faster and stress-free sale.

    Keep on top of paperwork
  • Choose Your Best Buyer

    Hopefully, when the time does finally come to put your house on the market, you’ll find yourself with multiple offers from perspective buyers. If this proves to be the case, you’ll want to ensure that you pick the best possible buyer. Are any of the buyers in a chain? Is anyone looking to move during the same time-frame as you? These are just a few of the questions you should be considering when making your decision.

    More often than not, the safest choice of buyers are considered to be first-time buyers (no chain) or buyers who have already sold and exchanged on their own home.

    Better Credit
  • Establish Important Dates

    Another great way to prepare for the sale is to establish the dates you’re likely to push for when it’s time to exchange and complete. Whilst this will have to be officially agreed upon with the buyers closer to the time, if you’re keen on a particular time-frame, now would be the time to make your preferences known.

    Important Dates
  • Stay in the Loop

    Don’t understand certain aspects of the selling process? Ask someone. When you’re a first-time seller, no question is too silly – so just ask. Likewise, show all concerned parties the same courtesy by maintaining communication on your side. Off on holiday for the next fortnight? Be sure to let your estate agent and conveyancer know first.

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    Stay in Loop