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How Secure is Your Home? 10 Easy Tips to Improve Your Security

A home with no security measures in place is five times more likely to be burgled than a home that has put even the simplest of security measures in place.

When you become a homeowner, security should be one of your top priorities. Fortunately, with just a few simple steps you can significantly improve the safety of your home. Here are our top 10 easy tips for achieving a more secure home:


Fitting a home alarm system will show that your home is protected, deterring criminals. With house alarms considered a ‘must-have’ by the majority of home owners, there are now a huge variety of home alarm systems available on the market. These include bell-only, monitored, speed diallers (automatically calling the home owner when activated) and even police response alarms.

All external doors on your property should be installed with good quality locks, preferably BSI Kitemark locks – the recognised standard of a quality and safe lock. It may sound like simple advice, but always make sure you lock all external doors every time you leave the house, even if you’re only in the garden. Additional measures you can take with your doors are to fit a door chain or peep hole. This way, you can check who’s standing at your door before opening it. You may even want to ensure that your letterbox has an internal cover plate, as some criminals will use the letterbox to check inside a property – or even steal badly placed keys, using a reaching device.

3.Outdoor Lighting.
With a light motion detector, approaching your home unnoticed after dark will become near impossible for potential trouble-makers. However do remember that if you install these, you’ll want to fit the detectors at least 2 metres high from the ground to prevent them from being tampered with.

4.Front Garden.
How you choose to style your front garden doesn’t just have to be about appearance, it can also have an effect on the security of your home. For example, hedges shouldn’t be left to grow too high as you do not want the view of your property to be obscured. In addition, adding something as simple as gravel to your front garden can act as a deterrent to criminals, as it makes it much harder to approach your property silently.

Installing CCTV is a much pricier form of security, but also the most effective. Just remember that in order to install CCTV, you should always consult your neighbours first and obtain the correct planning permission.


Exactly the same as with your external doors, be sure to fit all windows with BSI standard locks and always take care to lock every window before you go out.

This is more of a little known security measure, but did you know, that with the right software your computer webcam can be used as an effective security system?

An important rule to remember when protecting your home is to never make it obvious when your home is left unoccupied, such as when you’re on holiday. You can use your indoor lights to help achieve this. Fit some of your lights with a timer that switches them on and off at intervals, creating the appearance of someone being home.

Obviously you should be taking care of your own keys and only ever give spares to someone you trust, such as a close family member or trusted neighbour. But in addition to this, you should always ensure that all of your keys are stored away from any doors, locks and open windows. As previously mentioned, burglars have been known to extract house and car keys from inside of properties using devices capable of reaching through a letter box or open window.

So what is the best way to protect your property from burglary or damage? When you buy home and contents insurance you can rest assured that, should the worst happen, your insurance policy has you covered. This could mean financial compensation to restore or replace what may have been stolen or damaged. Many policies will also be able to fit your home with new locks or even find you temporary accommodation, should you be unable to return home for a time.

Home, Safe Home

Nobody wants to imagine that their home may be vulnerable in any way. But by taking even the simplest of steps to increase your home’s security, you can enjoy greater peace of mind and protect your property and yourself from any future heartbreak.

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