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Home or Away – How to Be More Security-Savvy This Summer

Summer’s here! And whether you’re planning on staying home or heading off on a holiday, you’ll want to take a look at our seasonal tips for improved home security.

Staying Home…

During the warmer months it can feel great to get out in the garden or to let a cool breeze move through your home. Unfortunately, it is also this time of year that homeowners can become more lax with the security of their house, making themselves more of a target to opportunist burglars.

To make matters worse, if it was found that a thief had gained access into your home through an already-open window or door, this would be regarded as a failure on your part to take ‘reasonable care’ of your property. As a result, you would struggle to claim back the cost of any damage or theft with your home insurance policy.

So, what can you do to protect your property and still make the most of being at home during the summer?
Firstly, when you’re in the garden always take care to lock all windows and doors not within your sights. The same applies when you decide to move back indoors. Even if you’re only popping from the garden to go upstairs for a moment, shut any open back doors or downstairs windows.

During the warmer summer nights, never leave windows wide open. Instead, choose to only open them to their secondary locking point – this will allow cool air in and keep intruders out.
Investing in an effective (and energy efficient!) fan can also be useful and are a safer alternative to lots of wide open windows on hot nights.

Going Abroad…

Holidays are a time for relaxing, which is why you won’t want anything worrying you the next time you go away – especially the security of your home.

Before you leave your home vacant, think about how you could improve the security of your home. It should go without saying, but ensure that all points of entry around your house are securely locked, including any entries into your garden, garage and shed. Check that you have not left anything outside of your property that could be used to gain access into your home, such as ladders or easily accessible tools.

An effective way to avoid making your absence known, is to fit timers to some of your indoor lights. Timers will help to create the illusion of someone being in the property, deterring any lurking wrongdoers. Better still, why not ask a close friend or family member to pop in or even house sit whilst you’re away? At the very least, arrange for someone to regularly remove any post or leaflets from your letterbox or doormat – these will act as a sure sign to burglars that the house is unoccupied.

Finally, avoid making the same error that so many modern householders commit – advertising that you’re away on social media. When you post details of where and when you’re away from home, you don’t know who is seeing this information – and whether or not they’ll use it to their advantage. Either keep quiet on social media for a few weeks or instead, take your online security settings up a notch, so that only trust friends and family can see what you’re posting.

Remember, summertime is for having fun and unwinding. Be smart about your home’s security now and you can relax in the knowledge that your property is protected.

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