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7 Benefits of Making a New-Build Your Next Home

This Monday (16th May) marked the beginning of the Home Builders Federation’s New Homes Week. So what better time than now to talk about the key benefits of buying a new-build?

If you’re thinking about making your next (or first!) big move, then check out what we believe to be the 7 biggest benefits of making a new-build your next home:

Benefit #1: Turn Your Dream Home into a Reality

Housing developments now come in a huge variety of property styles, sizes and settings. Many developments can now even offer buyers the opportunity to have a say in the property before building even begins, giving you the opportunity to have a hand in creating your own dream home.

Benefit #2: Move at Your Own Pace

With a new-build there’s no having to wait around on other people in a chain; it’s just you and the builders. Easy!

Benefit #3: Save Money with New-Build Schemes

There are now several incentives on offer from the Government to help buyer’s secure new-build homes. Some of these incentives include the Starter Homes Scheme and Help to Buy Scheme. These won’t only help to save you money, but also open up the choice of homes available to you.

Benefit #4: Enjoy Greater Creative Control

A new-build is a fresh slate. Being the first owner of the property, you can enjoy complete creative control over all aspects of the property, from flooring and wall paint to the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. This will be especially true if you decide to buy an ‘off plan’ property, which could give you the freedom to design your property from the ground up.

Benefit #5: Manage a More Efficient Household

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a new-build? It has to be the money that you’ll save.

New-builds are built using nothing but modern materials and the latest practices. This not only helps to make them more energy efficient, but also means they’ll be less likely to need maintenance work any time soon.

It’s also common for new-build homes to come with a 10-year National House Building Council (NHBC) warranty, meaning that overall, new-builds are going to cost you less in the long run.

Benefit #6: Relax With Improved Peace of Mind

Not only are new-builds more cost-effective due to their modern materials and specifications, they’re also more secure. Security alarms, UK regulation locks and fire safety measures – with a new-build property you can rest assured that all modern security and safety aspects have been considered.

Benefit #7: Find Something to Suit You

Finally, whether you’re a first time buyer in search of a one-bedroom flat or someone with a large family on their third or fourth home, there are new-builds to suit everyone. Regardless of your budget, style or future plans, you may be shocked to discover just how much new-build developers now have to offer.

So what do you think? Could a new-build be the answer to your next move?

By 2020, the Government plan to have built a million new homes, making a new-build the ideal way to go if you’re considering purchasing a property in the near future.

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