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Your Local Shoebury Mortgage Broker

Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make, so it’s important to get it right. Here at Amber Mortgage Solutions we understand that everyones personal circumstances are different and so is your mortgage, we search whole of market mortgages to find the best mortgage to suit your needs.

Buying a property in Shoebury On Sea

Whether you are a first-time buyer, a family looking to relocate or a retiree wanting to down size Shoebury is not only a great place to live but your property purchase is likely to be a great investment.

With excellent train links to London and an enviable seaside location Shoebury is an ideal place to live, work and invest in. Shoebury has benefitted hugely from large amounts of inward investment over recent years bring greater prosperity and employment to the area. These include the expansion of Southend airport and Essex University opening its town centre campus just off the Southend high street.

For those needing to commute to London to work, Shoebury has a train line providing an efficient 40 minute journey into the city. Anyone looking to work locally there are a wide variety of employers including larger companies such as Keymed, Hi tech, MK electrics.

Why use a local mortgage broker?

At Amber Mortgage Solutions we have a highly skilled, highly qualified team of mortgage brokers based in Shoebury-on-sea, who can make your mortgage application a breeze, and find the right mortgage for you.

We offer whole of market independent advice on the best mortgage option for you.

What makes us different?

We provided a personalised service to all of our clients offering late and weekend consultations in Shoebury to ensure we fully understand your mortgage needs. With over 10 years experience we know we can find the best mortgage and property for you in Shoebury, but don’t take our word for it see what our customers have to say.

Call us on 01702 619 221 and we will put you in touch with one of our Shoebury based mortgage advisers who will guide you from the initial fact finding questionnaire through to completion answering any questions you have along the way.

We’ll concentrate on helping you compare mortgage rates with the following in mind:

  • Fixed, tracker, discount and variable rate mortgages
  • Repayment and interest only mortgages
  • Free survey and cash back deals
  • Early repayment charges

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10 Steps to buying a property in Shoebury

1. Know Your Budget

Collate your paperwork (payslips, bank statements, etc.) and speak to us to find out how much you can borrow and what you can afford.

2. Find Your Mortgage

Based on your credit score and finances, we research the market to find the best mortgage products for you. We then gain an Agreement in Principle (AIP) from your chosen Lender.

3. Make An Offer

Find your ideal property (if you haven’t already) and with your AIP in place you can make an offer. Once accepted, we willl help you complete your Full Mortgage Application.

4. Instruct A Solicitor

We can also help you choose a Conveyancing Solicitor to handle all the legal paperwork, all the required searches (local authority, water & drai age, and environmental) and liaise with the sellers Solicitors.

5. Property Checks

Your Lender will require a valuation on the property and you can order your own survey to check its condition as it could reveal potential problems.

6. Mortgage Offer

If everything is in order your Lender will issue you an official mortgage offer. You have seven days to decide if this is the right product for you.

7. Protect Yourself

Ask us about buildings insurance, life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection.

8. Complete & Exchange

Your Solicitor agrees a completion date for you and contracts are signed and exchanged. Your Solicitor will manage the transfer of funds from your Lender to your seller’s Solicitor.

9. Final Legal Steps

Your Solicitor registers the sale and you must pay all the associated fees. Your Stamp Duty payment must be made in the next 30 days.

10. Your New Home

Now the legal process is complete, you are the proud owner of a new home and can collect your keys. Congratulations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Whilst getting a mortgage with bad credit can be difficult, it’s a common situation many applicants find themselves in.So whilst a bad credit history can make things tricky, there are steps we can help you take to start repairing your credit rating and get you back on track to finding the right mortgage for you.
Even with a bad credit score, it is still very possible for you to get a mortgage. There are varying degrees of what is considered to be a ‘poor credit’ score and one black mark on your credit file may not have as significant an impact on your mortgage application as you believe.
You may have been told that your credit rating is ‘bad’ or it might have been described to you as ‘adverse’. Essentially, in the context of getting a mortgage, both words mean the same thing and we are able to help you with both.
There is very little difference between the two, especially as different lenders will look at very different criteria when assessing a mortgage. However, if you know you have any recent defaults, IVAs, are on a debt management plan or have CCJs, you may want to seek the help of specialist advisors, like Amber Mortgage Solutions, who will be able to advise on the best mortgage for you.
When looking for an affordable bad credit mortgage, there are still many options out there, they may just be that little bit harder to find. Whilst a few high street lenders may consider applicants with minor or historical credit issues, the majority will probably refuse an application with a bad credit history. However, there are still many independent lenders out there who will be able to offer you a suitable deal – you just need the right help to find them.
This really is dependent on the perceived potential risk you represent to lenders. Whilst there are some credit events considered more serious than others, such as CCJs or bankruptcy, there are still ways you can remedy your credit score to lower the costs to yourself. For example, if you have a CCJ from several years ago on your credit report, but you have since made all of your credit repayments on time and used them responsibly, whilst a high street lender may still refuse your application, this would look more favourable to an independent lender who can offer you the right deal.
Contact us today! Our friendly advisors will be happy to talk you through the next steps available to you and help you on your way to obtaining the mortgage you need.We’re here to help you, not judge you, so call us on 01702 619 221.