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Who Shouldnt Remortgage

There are several sets of people who shouldn’t remortgage.

If you have High Early Repayment charges.
Some mortgage deals come with early repayment charges where the lender charges you a penalty for repaying early. These can amount to thousands of pounds. Call us on 01702 619 221 to discuss your options.

If your Employment status has recently changed.
Lenders need to feel that you can repay your mortgage and if you have recently changed your employment status.
If you have started your own business recently you need to have had enough time to build up a track record of your business so you may wish to wait until you have built this up.

Not much left to pay
If there is only a small balance remaining on your mortgage the cost of moving mortgages may not be worth the move as you will not see any benefit from the decrease in interest charges

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