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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Quotes – Best Policies, Friendly Service

When thinking about finances, cheap life insurance quotes can be detrimental – you need to be covered appropriately should the worst happen. Protecting your family should be top of your list because an event can be heart-breaking enough without having to worry about finances.

Our expertise and knowledge of the insurance industry means that we can offer whole life insurance quotes for your personal circumstances. With expert insurance advice from friendly brokers, it means that Amber Mortgage Solutions work for you. We will research and evaluate the most suitable life insurance to suit you, and protect your family should the worst happen.

Hassle Free Flexible Service – the Best Life Insurance Quotes

  • Life assurance that pays a lump sum (level term)
  • Life insurance for critical illness cover(level term)
  • Lump sum mortgage payment should you die (mortgage protection insurance)
  • Lump sum payment should you die or suffer from critical illness

We charge simple fees that are based on the insurance cover needed and individual circumstances.

Our team realise the importance of family and losing someone you love, or leaving your loved ones behind. With cancer, heart disease and strokes affecting many of us in the UK it’s vital to have adequate life insurance in place. We offer critical illness cover, life insurance and even home insurance with our flexible service.

Amber Mortgage Solutions know that you or your family can struggle to find finances to cover general bills including mortgages, food, childcare, school fees and trips as well as the many other costs of daily life; so when you are ill or are gone it can cause real problems.

If you want peace of mind we invite you to call us today on 01702 619 221 to compare life insurance quotes based on your personal circumstances.

Life Insurance Comparison

At Amber we can provide you with life insurance quotes, which will be followed up by one of our Fully trained specialist insurance brokers, Who will ensure that you get the life insurance that is right for you.

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If the worst ever happens we believe it is difficult enough for your loved ones to handle, take away the financial burden on your family by ensuring that you are fully covered.

We have a team of highly experienced insurance brokers who can guide and advise throughout the application process, ensuring you are in the know at every step.