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Home Insurance

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Contents Insurance

Personal possessions are covered by contents insurance whether they are damaged, lost or stolen whilst they are in your home. Whilst some home insurance policies have restrictions, others do not. Contents insurance that may cover up to a limited amount and restricted cover whilst possessions are taken away from the home, is available.

Possessions are anything not attached to the home, or the building itself which would otherwise be covered under buildings insurance. Some policies may cover items stored in outbuildings or in the garden.

Amber Mortgage Solutions can help to find cheap contents insurance if you wish to purchase separately to buildings insurance.

We also can find suitable commercial contents insurance.

Buildings Insurance

Domestic home insurance that covers a building will cover your private home. It helps to protect you when you lose the use of your home, covers some living expenses and a property owner’s liability insurance.

Buildings insurance costs are dependent on the cost to rebuild a property and can be a lengthy contract, which outlines what will and will not be paid for in the event of a claim.

A home insurance policy, whether buildings and contents insurance are taken together or separately, is a term contract which will be in place for a fixed length of time – usually taken per annum.

Hassle Free Buildings and Contents Insurance

Contents and buildings insurance is usually a requirement when a mortgage is taken out.

Amber Mortgage Solutions offer a flexible service where a mortgage adviser can help find suitable home insurance for you.

You are invited to contact us today on 01702 619 221 to take advantage of the range of services we provide.

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