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Helping you get the Life Insurance you need!

When thinking about finances, cheap life insurance quotes can be detrimental – you need to be covered appropriately should the worst happen. Protecting your family should be top of your list because an event can be heart-breaking enough without having to worry about finances.

We tailor our services to meet your needs, we take the hard work out of arranging the Life Insurance that is best for you by comparing all whole life insurance quotes! And advising you on the most suitable policy for your needs.

  • Personal & friendly service
  • Whole level life cover from £6.42 per month. based on the following criteria;
    Cover is quoted for a 30 year old non-smoker in good health. Cover is based over a 20 year term on a level basis. Prices are correct at 28/03/2017, actual prices will vary based on individual circumstances.
  • We offer a £75 voucher which is redeemable from Next, M&S or Argos (“Voucher”).
    See terms & conditions.

We offer a hassle free flexible service & the best life insurance quotes

  • Life assurance that pays a lump sum (level term)
  • Life insurance for critical illness cover (level term)
  • Lump sum mortgage payment should you die (mortgage protection insurance)
  • Lump sum payment should you die or suffer from critical illness

Factors that affect your life insurance costs

  • Your health
  • Your age
  • Whether you smoke
  • Where you live
  • Amount of cover
  • Duration of policy

Life Insurance

We compare the leading life insurance policies, prices starting from just £6.42 per month.

  • Dependents:
    Life insurance will look after those you care about the most, if in the unfortunate circumstances you are not there to look after them yourself.
  • Income:
    If you are not there neither will your income. Life insurance provides a lump sum or regular payments so you can ensure your household expenditure is covered.
  • Child Care:
    If you are a mother or father with young dependant children, then you need to consider if you or your partner dies, would you need to provide child care so either of you could continue working. Life Insurance can meet the costs of those child care payments.
  • Debts or mortgage:
    If you die the last thing you want to do is leave your loved ones with either debts or a outstanding mortgage, life cover can provide a lump sum to either pay off any loans completely or reduce them to a manageable level.