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Nick Name: LisyScore: 38100
Nick Name: BiffScore: 36800
Nick Name: NWScore: 32400
Nick Name: IshyScore: 30000
Nick Name: RubyScore: 29100
Nick Name: lxxScore: 26700
Nick Name: JennaScore: 25200
Nick Name: Hitcher83Score: 24300
Nick Name: PiaScore: 23700
Nick Name: louisgoblinScore: 23100
Nick Name: AlexScore: 20200
Nick Name: SparkyScore: 19200
Nick Name: FishScore: 18300
Nick Name: KurtScore: 17700
Nick Name: G BoyScore: 17400
Nick Name: ChrisScore: 15600
Nick Name: fatlag333Score: 15300
Nick Name: KevScore: 15000
Nick Name: NarendarScore: 9900
Nick Name: RichMScore: 9600
Nick Name: big alScore: 3900

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